ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-04-19]

Another great round from the ADIDAP flickr group loaded with pictures. A whooping 64 selected. Wonderful job everyone!

1.Lei, lui, l'altro... 2.Iwo Jima Memorial: Full Moon and Clouds Soaring at Night 2

3. 4.purple

5.The earth laughs in flowers 6.

7.Simmons Hall Light Well- MIT - Steven Holl 8.Dream Lake

9.just older | 14.04.09  10.Non puoi più trattare i tuoi amanti come fossero bignè...

11.  12.Gordon

13. 14.IMG_6006

15.Clouds 16.Floating dock on ice

17.DSC08761 18.Change Tin


21.The Cyclist 131/365 22.The River Usk

23.Boxing #7 24.Fire III

25.In my day... 26.key

27.conduit 28.the universe is shaped [107/365]

29.105.365 30.Swimming Eyes | 114.365

31.airview | 18.04.09 32.real eyes realize real lies.

33.Blue Brick of Old San Juan 34.Natural History Museum 020

35.Find you... 36.University of Nottingham. Library

37.Jumping 38.April 40.


41.and the night has brought the rain 42.Friends

43.Off to shoot more naturey crap today 44.Laugh Baby

45."Nothin' But Blue Skies, Do I See" Glaslyn, Wales 46.It's a dutch thing!

47.caught in a dream 48.badshahi mosque front

49.beerman 50.Afternoon Bells (Available for licensing and purchase)

51.Complexity 52.Paura

53.Walking on Water 54.Umbrella

55.Tree 56.Danchal

57.I went house-hunting today and found this. 58.Pisa, Italy 08

59.Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas. 60.Reach

61.Coming down with ski's 62.Minerva  734.  "the moonlight slips through the cracks in the clouds..."

63.Frozen Lake 64.BFH Night Shot 2

  • There is an unbelievable amount of staggeringly awesome shots here – so diffiecult to choose from. Of course I wont say who I voted for but its the one picture that I wish I could have taken! Bravo!

  • Trent Sluiter

    I cannot believe I have two selections that are up against these wonderful pictures. So many good pictures to vote for!