ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-04-26]

Another wonderful round from month of April 2009 with an impressive 76 selected pictures.

Great job everyone and don’t forget to cast your votes.

1.St. Johns Antique Look 2.the hanger

3.Old engine 4.Welcome the day

5.Panorama - Seeing Forever 6.Soft side

7.Two Carts (108/365 04-18-09)  8.Looking at the church

9.laughter 10.Star

11.straight to nowhere 12.shadow of the day

13.Landing for Food 14.STOP

15. Imprint 16.may your dreams always be filled with sweetness.

17.Summer is coming  18.M.I.A ???? ???? ????????

19.Global Warming Meet 20.09 04-12 1

21.with nature 22.Berlin - Jour 4

23.Seen Better Days 24.sunrise

25.#183 - These boots are made for walkin' (-182/365) 26.Rêver à Florence

27.Steaming 28.Drying

29.Supersonic Tram 30.eggs

31.Natural History Museum 005 32.Passer de l'autre côté

33.chea [113/365] 34.ABSTRACT dART

35.Hildedal / Grimbo 36."I really can't talk right now..."

37.BFH Abstractness 38.Tell me, did you sail across the sun?

39.Wheels 40.

41.#184 - Context (-181/365) 42.lavender sunrise

43.Got Ya.... 44.

45.Have a Seat 46.

47.Sunset Aussie Style 48.

49.#188 - Dichotomous (-177/365) 50.Rain


52.BW NY

53.Snow in London 004 54.And now I hate to say.

55.nadya 4 56.That's Gotta Hurt

57.just like a fairytale 58.April

59.RUSSIA 60.

61.yeah, you got me! 62.

63.I Build Myself Up. 64.

65.See me here 66.Broken & Abandoned

67.Bored of the Waiting Room 3 68.Who Doesn't Love Cupcakes?

69.Rusty Rail Fence: Angle 70.Proppy & Yoko @ Tour Eiffel 8

71.Model Of the Month 72.TAXI MAG - Cover Page  

  73.Wolverine's First Bath 74.Didy in front of Window, A'dam NL (2009)

75.skyscaper_lamppost-5452 and jack bw