ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-05-03]

I just arrived to Dubai and publishing this one from the hotel.

Flickr here is prohibited so I am doing this kind-of blindfold, prepared it in Lebanon but didn’t double check it so you will excuse me if there are any mistakes.


65 selected pictures.

1.My Edward. 2.Photograph

3.1.05 Another brick in the wall (Part 2) 4.Pizza, an italian tradition

5.Black Balloon | 125.365 6.Behind Bars (Foreground)

7.Paper Mill "de Schoolmeester" 7 8.just messing around

9.inching along 10.Buttons

11.Take Your Sweet Time 12.colorful shelf fungus

13.Dark side of the blue hour 14.1.06 Mother

15.Pearls...Explore!  Muchas gracias! 16.Neglected

17.Photo 1G 517 18.DSC09176

19.Roman 20.Looking up

21. 22.The Wave

23.Blue Reflections 24.Taller de Fotografía Documental. Una foto por día. Día 19

25.Hallowed Stonehenge 26.emo

27.borghetto tilt and shift 28.#190 - Impatient (-175/365)

29.Ice on Glass (Day 119) 30.Pony About to Get Wet, New Forest

31.Petrified Forest 32.#191 - Grab (-174/365)

33.In her shoes #1: if I were a PHOTOGRAPHER 34.Just As Expected

35.Three Salty Pillars 36.#192 - Slippery floor (-173/365)

37.Let the stars shine 38.side by side

39.afternoon 40.Magnificat

41.Royal Naval College, Greenwich 42.Idyllic

43.Am I Blue? 44.Spring

45.Central 46.Do you trust an old dirty pipe?

47.The Dockless Docks 48.#194 - Dreams come true (-171/365)

49. 50.Shade

51.Dusty train day 52.Magnolia Blossoms

53.concreto 54.7/365 A Small Beacon of Hope... 

55.Natural History Museum 011 56.Jenna Leeds | 6

57.Dismissed house - Casa abbandonata 58.D,I,F--kingY

59."Oh such perfect day" 60.

61.hugo at the tulip festival 62.Shrooms

63.The Burghurs of Calais 64.Sempringhman Abbey

65.Brat (120/365 04-30-09)

  • Mohamed

    Welcome to Dubai. Is it for pleasure or business?
    I.e. Is there a photography course?

    Good luck with the weather 🙂

  • Amazing set of images this time around. Wow, I have a long way to go!

    • @Jack Fussell, I wouldn’t say so ! I love your pics

  • I like your all photos.thanks for this great blog.