ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-05-10]

Take my word for it do not miss this round, it is simply superb.

53 Top Notch pics…

1.Side Lit always comes back to Light.

3.Will B. (1) 4.20090501_FrozenRaces_0002

5.Decay is beautiful.. 6.Currituck view - 2009 Day 073  - Sunset they come 8.random act of vandalism

9.Atuk 10.rolling

11.Traditional Bahraini Windows 12.Irremediablemente cotidiano

13.alley 14.Silence is Golden

15.A Simple Process Of Elimination | 133.365 16.answer

17. 18.Bump, Bump!

19.ŕ petits pas 20.Dalco Passage on the Puget Sound

21.Colors of the US of A 22.bricks and wood

23.Pepper on White 24.

25.Onshore 26.Silhouette'd Reflection 27.Roses 009 28.daisy

29.if I were a WATCHMEN then my name would be.... (sugestions welcomed) 30.The Terrorists Can Wait.

31.Birthday Rose 32.It Must Be True

33.The Ancient Coliseum 34.Entangled

35.Fancy 36.Another Code Against The Gone | 135.365

37.Three 38.Friday #18 - Raider

39.Lanyon Quoit 40.Maria

41.fort view 42.

43.old-malang 44.If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found.  (16/52)

45.cliffedge 46.I screwed up.

47.The bicycle 48. 

49.Time is Money 50.Chaining Up (128/365 05-08-09)

51.Your Chain. 52.Gné...