ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-05-24]

More wonderful pictures from the flickr group.
56 for this round. Hope you are enjoying them.

1.Tired as hell 2.Walking on the water

3.I Believe in Green 4.Exit to Exit

5.Des couleurs lointaines dans la nuit 6.brick-wall-circle

7. Underneath It All 8.Sand @ Sunset

9.Talk Show Host 10.55 Under

11.London 21022009 010 12.T 14.three steps

15.Railay West Sunset 16.Warrandyte

17. 18.mind over matter...

19.Searching for the Space Monkey 20.Walking the Ben

21.lonely boy 22.remnants

23.waterfalls 24.The Marvellous Engines Of Resistance | 149.365

25.What You Are 26.London Dusk

27. 28.

29Lollipop 30.

31. 32.Estes Park on Trail Ridge Road

33."Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us" 34.Title

35.Halleröd Skies (HDR) 36.A Sudden Manhattan Of The Mind | 151.365

37.Footprints In the Sand 38.Me ama todos los martes soleados de cielo azul de mayo

39.No you can't II 40.nine

41.EUROPEAN STARNLINGS SERIES / ÉTOURNEAU SANSONNET / sturnus vulgaris 42.Central station

43. St. Louis Gateway Arch 44.#209 - Shortcut (-156/365)

45. 46.showcase

47.lamp 48.Ominous Stapler Face (139/365 05-19-09)

49.I've been thinking about Georgia O'Keeffe lately...... 50.Fluff

51.Proyecto: predominancia de negro 02 52.

53.Popcorn & Beer 54.between

55.Explore!  Thanks so much everyone. 56.for you