ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-05-31]

Just funny how some rounds are turn out to be exceptional.


GREAT work from the flickr group in that one, some mind dazzling pictures and thumbs up for these 78 pictures and their photographers.


1.Aen 2.Drown Me Slowly

3.sonnein 05.09 - magic of ink 001 4.REFRESHING

5. Dreamscape 6.Quotable Joe

7.Simplicity in Sepia 8.bridge sunset

9.Incantation 10.sonnein 05.09 - magic of ink 002 - sideshot

11.Ruby on Duck Patrol 12.Red, White, and Rust

13.Angel time...Explore May 26 14.Take Me Away

15.Rainy Day Parade 16.Central station

17.Not to fast 18._MG_7259_60_61

19.Tools of the Trade 20.|_|

21.Omaha Temple Gopuram 22.?????? Fushimi Inari Shrine

23.Airport disco 24.fork@@

25.Happy Bokeh Wednesday! Explore #288  Thanks soooo much everyone. 26.shadow of a runner

27.In her shoes #4: if I were a SINGER 28.Key Sprays (147/365 05-27-09) song 30.London 21022009 026

31.fine then... 32.from the archives

33.citroen 34.Ferris Wheel

35.Sunset through the arches, Elan Valley, Wales 36.War Memorial-20090525-IMG_1780

37.Tent Rocks Black and White 38.Sunday

39. 40.North side of the Monongahela at dusk from Grandview Avenue

41. 42.Senior Portrait Session with Taylor - Puyallup, Washington

43.Howdy Doody's Agent, Trixie LaRue 44.evanescent

45.Au cafÈ du canal 46.

47.Character 48.spell of "charm"

49.Tent Rocks Canyon 50.Wet Weather Tyre

51.A Guitar and a Heart 52.My vision of a Dandy~Lion ...You spin my head right round...Explored May 31 #176

53.meeting 54.Dolls

55.Big and Beautiful 56.Friends - Fake Tilt Shift

57.#223 - Fashionable (-142/365) 58.No Cars Go

59.#219 - Cherry time (-146/365) 60.Lemon Wash

61.Columna Vertebral 62.character

63.London 21022009 021 64.Please Forgive Me...

65.Padhraic - Side Flash 66.-211

67.sticking out 68.

69.Thirsty for bokeh 70.Day 148/365: Railroad tracks to the Great Infinity

71.Cargo Bay Area 72.If you wanna leave take good care

73.Silent Observer... 74.Plumeria

75.Shimmer Series 76.Byron diamante 78._MG_9640 copy

  • Hi! thanks for taking my image into consideration 😀 #61 Columna Vertebral