Photographer of the week: Joshua Carlsen

When I first saw Joshua’s flickr stream I was directly attracted by his landscape pictures. His composition & use of slow shutter speed is definitely my kind!

And then I started digging a bit more into his photography and found how interesting and diversified Joshua’s photography was.

Take a moment & browse Joshua’s gallery on flickr and you are most likely to find, like I did, refreshing pictures with quite unusual perspectives.

And now a taste of his work in these 10 pictures









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  • Love Graphics

    These are so beautiful, my favorite is the water fall with the close up of the creek. Bravo!

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  • Jack Fussell

    Wow, thanks for posting these. His work is amazing…the colors are so rich and vibrant. When I see work like this I’m reminded of how far I have to go!

  • wedding photography toronto

    powerful images! I really like 3, 5, 6, 7 great color and interesting compositions.

  • Jenny Wagner

    The places seem so mystical. I think I just found my new happy place. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ottawa Newborn Photography

    Very cool photography