Photographer of the week: Daryl Benson

Seeing Daryl’s work for the first time was an eye opening experience for me. It was like rediscovering photography all over again.

He has this special way of including his personal touch in a picture to break that cliché feeling and I can honestly say that his photos moved me.

When I contacted Daryl asking for the permission to feature him here on adidap I was expecting him to pick up at least some of his awesome landscape pictures to include in this feature and I was really surprised to notice that his selection included no landscape images. This was very good opportunity for me to discover how diversified Daryl’s photography was.

It is time for you enjoy 10 of Daryl’s favorite pictures but before let me remind you that his work can be found at and that, if you like landscape photography, you can indulge yourself with 2 overview of his books Canada and Alrberta.