ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-06-14]

The level of these rounds is sky high ! I am having more and more a hard time picking up the pics.

63 great pictures for this one

1. 2.Stags, Aircraft, Kings And Secretaries | 167.365

3.IMG_7682 4.

5. 6.Monday, June 8, 2009

7.Mis equipos 8.Beauty in the mirror

9.dandelion_wish_3 and chocolate 12.La journée a été longue...

13.110 kcal 14.ngelik_

15. 16.Bourbon St

17.Vineyard Hills HDR 18.Warehouse Full of Art

19.Frozen Helicopter 20.1/365 In my bed

21.Fade Away 22.Lonely Toothbrush 24.Fountain Pen (161/365 06-10-09)

25.A Blurred Existance 26.sounds of summer

27.Glacier Point Overlook 28.Up The River

29.peony dead 30.All started with a Big Bang

31.Candles 32.Ha'penny

33.H2O 34.Journey to the Unknown...

35.Staring Competition 36.MELSA6

37.trebuchet over cappadocia

39.Ornate 40.Poor Samson...

41.Baby Froggy 42.The love we share

43.Irony... 44.Sarˆ un bel souvenir

45.You Know The Sound U Make To Emulate A Water Drop? 46.Symetrie / Symmetry

47. 48.self 50.Big Boy (160/365 06-09-09)

51.round and round on a mini train 52.Miles Away / The Truth is

53.Leeds 003 54.Almost No Hands

55.take me somewhere nice 56.

57._MG_7842_5 58.branch up

59.Peas in a pod 60.Barber's Chair

61.Old Barn Door 62.#237 - Mineral (-128/365)


  • Wow, that #1 shot is masterfully done! I can tell that photographer is classy and charismatic 😉