Flickr testimonials love: Round 3

It has been some time since I last gave out some flickr love so here we go for round 3.

The drill is pretty simple, the short version is that if you want a testimonial on your flickr account just add me as a contact and drop a comment here on the post.

I will be writing testimonials for the first 10 people who reply to this post with a link to their flickr stream.

So here goes the long version now

  1. Add me as a contact of flickr or else I won’t be able to leave you testimonials
  2. Be one of the first 10 who will comment on this thread showing interest in receiving testimonials
  3. Make sure to leave a link to your flickr account


You should not necessarily have no testimonials

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  • Sam Agnew

    OK. I’ll bite.

    Here’s my info: I’m newish to photography but very very keen. I’m totally into film. I’m very obsessed with getting better. I try to learn my gear completely but aspire to a zen-like state of not thinking anything technical when actually shooting. I tend to take one shot of a given scene and never bracket.

    ADIDP is the pool I sometimes visit to see what of my work I like best. It is the one group I really really think about whether a photo should go in or not. Getting into a “round” is a total highlight of a week for me. I think you are doing a great job here.

    Over to you.

  • Sam Agnew

    Oh, on Flickr I’m “Doha Sam” or

  • Neal


    I would appreciate a testimonial.

    my Flickr account is


  • Mark

    Ooo, I would love to have a testimonial :) Cool idea!

  • Albert

    Please take a look!


  • Chris
  • Chris

    I added you as a contact…here is my flickr address:

  • Dan
  • Bengt

    I am a more Ipernity guy. Better terms..

  • Andrew

    Would love to have a testimonial! Thanks in advance.

  • Kirsten

    Really? Am I the first one? I would love to have you write a testimonial for me. I’m not as good as what you’ve had on your ADIDAP posts… but I’m trying :)

  • Carsten / topfloor

    Hello from Germany! topfloor on Flickr; I’d love to have your testimonial on my profile.

  • Antoine Khater

    Oki I think that close it for this one ! pweh that was fast

  • Hora


    I would love a testimonial actually, I believe you’re already one of my contacts. Here’s my Flickr:

    If I’m too late for this, I’m too late and that’s that. Thanks A!

  • Tomer Jacobson

    Well I’m number 12 hope it still counts:-) cool idea! I’m on Thanks in advance:-)

  • Katja


    I’m always so excited when one of my shots gets selected for ADIDAP I send the link around t anyone who will care… and a bunch of people who probably don’t as well.

    This is me on Flickr

    I think I’m within the 10 as there are some duplicate comments here.

    Thanks! Great Idea.


  • Krystle

    I am not sure how many comments there are at this point but I hope that you will please consider writing a testimonial for me. Thank you in advance for you consideration.

    ~ KDiNicola aka KLD Photography

  • johnny pugsley

    love your blog, too late for testimonial, but would appreciate you taking a peek at my stream!


  • pixellle

    Well, I guess I’m too late, but maybe you’ll extend it to the first 15! Just in case, here’s the link to my Flickr photostream:

    and here’s the link to my sets page:

    I enjoy ADIDAP very much! Thanks.