ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-07-05]

And here comes the first round of the month of July with 55 pictures high in colors.


1.Fireworks 3 bursts 2.Sunday Newspaper & Breakfest

3.Ladybird 4.#251 - Lounge (-114/365)

5.Swoosh 6.Dr Pepper Mural

7.Philly 8.Vancouver 059

9.Brorfelde landscape 10.Bugatti Veyron 16.4

11.Im getting angry, stop taking pictures! 12.O H N O

13.Love is Blind ! 14.La vita è un brivido che vola via

15.Plain Impressions XIV 16.Torslanda Farm HDR

17.rewind 18.Cupcakes by Melissa 5 tiger lily oob 5793 21.Waiting in the Rain to Cross TtV (182/366 07-01-09)

22.The Grand Canyon - An Alternate Reality cylinders.

24.Oh, Darlin' 25.Walkway over Oso Flaco Lake

26..: such a rainy day in genoa :. 27.IMG_5825-1

28.The Sun 29.Game Time

30.Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn | 181.365 31.365 - DAY 172  Haystack

32._MG_9393 32.Stuttgart - Porsche

33.Park Avenue Trailhead @ Arches National Park 34.Bryggen - A Little Dickens' Village

35."Heart of a Champion" 36.Rally Inspired/ AWD GripMobile/ Subie's Save's Live's

37._MG_9660 38.dispensing stories of loved ones long gone, who travelled over oceans with tales to tell

39. 40.pedernales river

41.Gripo 42.Distance

43.Texas Nightmare 44.Beach Umbrella and Kite

45. 46.Meet Sherrie

47.Toulouse En Piste 2009 48.The Sink Series

49.aimee 50.national geographics

51.Dogwood 2 52.Way point

53.Youthful Stocism 54.Something bad happened here