ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-07-26]

October has been a bad month technically for adidap, I’ve been suffering from hiccups all months long and was working very closely with the hosting team to stabilize the server and hopefully it is running faster now.
59 pictures for this round.

1.Albuquerque Botanical Gardens Pond 2.Elucidate me with your beauty

3.reflections on a lake just before sunrise 4.Silhouette

5.still enough 6.8:00 AM

7.BMW 8.breath !

9.Gratuitous 10.we meet again...

11.Isleta Lakes B&W 12.Pêche

13.Long Walk Home 14.Manhattan Bridge from Friend's Rooftop

15.Right, 98... (203/365 07-22-09) 16.Quietland 

17.Giulia 18.need some


21.Sherwood, OR 22.A voice

23.Can you see me now? 24....

25.Farmer's Market Cherries 26.Tangy man

27."Handy" 28.Wonderland Falling Tomorrow | 201.365

29.Doubtful 30.follow suit

31.  32.Schiller's

33.Have You Passed Through This Night? | 202.365 34.colors of a wedding

35.Abstract modern architecture - The tower again 36.Hummingbird

37.Fabio 38.The Walk 

39.Yellow Flowers 40Nostalgia

41.Fall into the light 42.I'm Staring At The Asphalt Wondering What's Buried Underneath.

43.Secrets d'enfance / Childhood secrets 44.Marco

45.Hiding in Flickering Shadows | 204.365

47.Summer at the house HDR 48.Are You Thinking Of Me?

49.Bright And Broken 50.26 July 2009

51.Through the Looking Glass 52.Old Habits Die Hard

   53.Simple joy 54.fixture

55. 56.get well soon! : ( 

57.power of steel pics with my 50mm!!!