ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-08-02]

22 great pics of the flickr group!

1.Vancouver 070 2.#281 - Simplicity (-84/365)

3.The Tallest one gets the best View. 4.Flowers

5.wren eyes 6.Summer

7.LEDs Painting With Light 8.The Muddy Cup.

9.I Believe I Can Fly 10.59:365

11.Sunset Sunflowers 12.All That She Left Behind 13.I'm Giving Up, I'm Giving Up Slowly. 14.umbrellas three of three six five 16.Red Deer

17.Dirkje drawing 18.The Final Shot

19.Think Project. 20.Samba Van 21.Sitting. Thinking (revisited) 22.Fall colors already??