ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-08-09]

More great stuff from the flickr group. 66 pictures made it to this round

1.3 August 2009 2.puppy's serious life

3.Sunrise at Fonyód 4.Observed

5.rainy day five.

7.Peek-a-boo 8.Small Waterfall

9.Haily bug bw 10.IMG_8826-1

11.Red-Tailed Hawk 12._MG_3711

13.While We Have the Sun | 205.365 14.365 172 - Somebody's Watching Me (explored)

15.Lockdown 16.A Sense Of Urgency

17.Gröna Lund HDR 18.curves

19.Fluid Dynamics 20.No war only peace

21.The modern office 22.I'm not kidding.

23.Oh Butterfly 24.under the stairs

25.Guggenheim 26.Cris

27.Touch The Sky 28.Lamp & Light

29.If you must smoke, take your butt outside 30.Stadshuset HDR

31.Morning Sky in Shell Beach 32.Seems Artifical Like A T.V Set

33.The Beetle 34.Souvenir shirts in Lindos

35.Gröna Lund Carousel 36.lamp

37.City life is millions of people being lonesome together 38.La buena vida

39. 40.General Grievous

41.Aero Club 42.Day 218 of 365

43.Västerbron HDR 44.Shy

45.Cuatro Torres Business Area 46.Well, my friend, I've got news for you!

47.Shooting the Argus C3 48.Rays of hope

49.Hot Battle; Cool Water 50.33/365 Fashion Photography.

51.Vans 52.get into it

53.Cannes 54.BFH lines and reflections

55.Up there 56.Deschutes National Forest, OR

57.Protection 58.corn

59.twist 60.Tibet in white

61.last year's face 62.Ladder

63.Thirsty? 64.Ice Cream Paint job

65."Abondend" 66.Left or Right... Not straight