ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-08-16]

45 Pictures for this round of August

1.Senior Portrait Session with Samantha - Tacoma, Washington 2.Love is friendship caught on fire

3.the badlands are greatlands. 4.light

5.042: lost 6.Maybe Someday

7.Rosie Today 8.Lazy boots chillin' in the sun...

9.Telephasic Workshop | 211.365 10.Wall Street in HDR

11.O Puglia Puglia mia tu Puglia mia 12.So Many Gages, So Little Time

13.Underneath the Cyanide sun, embracing memories of dreams, long gone in vain and agony. Tormenting... 14.365 182 - Pandora (explored)

15.Drama 16.window

17.I dont want to work today 18..

19.Tiny orange flower 20.Bursting in Lights

21.Magu 4 22.Clean Streets bridge 24.The Lonesome Goalkeeper

25.Cocktail 26.CyberLondon

27.Burning the Books 28.Downstairs

29.Nights In White Satin 30.Rotten door, shiny lock

31.Couch 32.Fountain

33.Second Opinion / The Hell With It 34._MG_2957wtmk

35.feet 36.Beş Çayı - Tea Time ( olsada yesek mi acaba )

37.1/365 - Jars in the Window 38.Starstrukk

39.door on the way to the Lindos acropolis 40.

41.Watching 42.

43.Heavenly minarate 44.vintage


  • Well i kinda love how the round now displays

    more kinda in your face that will force you to vote and this makes it look more like a photography blog where you see photos 😛

    and well, it spares you and me mostly the usless intro that you always come up with (6)

    • @Mireille, Actually the “display” was a mistake.

      I just fixed it thanks

      • @Antoine Khater, I donno if i should hate you for changing it or for hating myself for pointing it out 😛

  • The Shoes on the grass is just wonderful!