ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-08-23]

36 Pictures for this round, don’t forget to vote !

1.In the aquarium 2.Gathering Dust

3.Buffalo Lighthouse 4.Dancing in the moonlight

5.Insitut du monde arabe - Paris - Jean Nouvel 6.Eternal Flame

7.Marmalade Fires | 216.365 8.They Smoke a Lot

9.Summer night sizzle 10.DSC00463

11.myFace 12.sleepy girl

13.Sur un mur 14.6.768.167.712

15.Love 16.

17.Fenton Lake 18.Circles of Light 2

19.chair japanese tea cup and my handmade cup mats

21.232/365 2009. Die. 22.Flying candles

23.What Erik sees twenty one of three six five

25.Lonely at low tide 26.Pretty in Pink

27.Fires Burn 28.You don´t need eyes for where we´re going... The man said. Just listen...

29.they move her twenty five. (outtake)

31.Česka Panorama 32.

33.Time to pretend 34.Road Kill

35.I tell you that I want to go, but I want to stay. 36.puff