ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-09-13]

I love it when a round suddenly makes it to 82 pictures !

1.I just mean during the day. Daylight. When was the last time you remember seeing it? The man asked! Can´t recall? Can you come up with a single memory? Memory...? Imagination? 2.Spectators

3.make tea, not war... 4.Un homme pressé

5.Alien Landscapes: Mammoth Hot Springs II 6.the little dudez.

7.graph 8.King

9.Up 10.tea time

11.Hairshow Models listening to instructions! 12.rising tide quad poster

13.Day 71: Sad Water Drops 14.Staffield Hall

15.wall with outlet and grass 16.Red doors

17.Norderney Beach 18.A greay day in Stockholm

19.I wish you were here-keh! 20.Glass and Zebra Stripes IV

21.Lonely Dinghy - (29/100) 22.Fred (bw)

23.summertime 24.Dinner

25.Hairmodel, Waiting... 26.IMG_1682

27.Lone Traveler, Berlin  28.DSC00073

29. 30.

31.So Complicated Was the Fall | 227.365 32.bikes right

33.Sois sure qu'on ne t'oubliera jamais 34.Forever watching over

35.pola 36.Medborgarplatsen

37.Khmissa 38.There is always an angel in devil's house

39.Saifulmalook Lake - Panorama 40.Cigar Store Indian

41.Calgary 42.Stadium Waterfront HDR

43.Red & White Stairs - (30/100) 44.rain on my windscreen

45.More Namaqualand Blooms VII 46.La niña que se puso a bailar

47.denim and button. 48.trailer

49.Ava being shy 50.Goldenrod at Volo Bog State Natural Area, Volo, IL

51.Emi 52.Louisiana6

53.Pigeon HDR (from a single JPG!) 54.Indiana Dunes

55.When you see a good move, look for a better one

57.Lebanon Church, Virginia 58.Rebecca-004

59.Spirals on springs 60.Riverwalk

61.Looking up in St. Peter's 62.aug09

63.Sign board 64.karlalar

65.Maria 102 66.her feet

67.The last of the petunias 68.Brown And Peeling

69.corked. 70.You are here

71.Chicago Light in Sepia 72.Path along the Canal

73.Ava and her dolls 74.Peace of mind

75.the pomegranate tree 76.On the Road to Nowhere

77.Jennifer 78.IMG_2335

79.Wedding session 80.Just Believe...

81.Disco Duel 82.That I Would Be Good

  • With so many great images to choose from it was hard to pick out just one. Amazing shots all!

  • You are right it is really unfair to torture us with so many wonderful images. Can’t we throw some duds in there to make it easier. Ha. Very inspiring!

  • Is it just me, or is xgray the most represented photographer on this site? Props to him!