ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-09-20]

I really loved this round.

57 pictures

1.Wooden Toy Maker 2.The Old Tractor

3.Denali HDR 4.vw

5.... 6.Pools

7.tingggggg... 8.A moment of tenderness

9.Tiles 10.contraluz

11.brightly hidden 12.little miss jaida...

13.Pondering Darwin 14.Brick Window (258/365 09-15-09)

15.0157 16.Tiger Leaf (259/365 09-16-09)

17.Bluesberries For My Baby and Me 18.Say hello to pearls of dew

19.Highway Of Heroes Coffee 20.Currently Unidentified

21.suffocation 22.US Space Vessel Aniara. Mission: Deep Space Exploration. Dissapered 4 months ago. Massive hull contamination. Contaminent: Biological. Origin: Unknown. Vessel unresponsive

23.Freaky Contact 5 24.Little bird

25.Spider girl 26.HK lily

27.Fleet Feet 28.

29.The Schoolhouse 30.Two ends

31.Fall 32.Rear Window + Das Fenster zum Hof

33.Nikon User | Erik 34.Tiny Dancer

35. 36.Sunny most precious memories are found in the smallest of moments... 38.I love Parsley

39.Sam's Happy Place 40.That rose does not look or smell fresh at all!

41.Luminescence 42.Spencer Retrieving Dummy

43.Un poco de tango 44.That

45.Helsinki (8 of 10) 46.Grass

47.lily 48.School is out

49.I'm a Mac 50.IMG_1624 doubt 52.Theme Light @ Home

53.'Schultze gets the blues' 54.078: hawk

55.The Way To The Top 56.waiting

57.Is there paradise on Earth?

  • Carlos Manta Oliveira

    You’re right, one of the best sets, really hard to choose.