ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-09-27]

75 great pictures for the last round of September


1.Narcissus... 2.Terminal Illness

3.Found an old-new spot 4.

5. 6.morning

7.Sunset over eagle creek 8.The Field Where i Died

9.Headshots :: John 10.A Briefcase - La Banalité - Beau Sebastian Scott

11.Isa Leshko 12.DSC_2528

13.Breathe Today 14.

15.Hatch Door 16.

17.Bromo 18.Good morning at Pecks Pond

19.(Negative) Space. 20.shine on me

21.side-eye 22.but after that summer she was just distant and different...

23.Windows 24.Sunshine Flower 25. 26.076/365

27.Tooooo hungry 28.Escadrille

29.bin 30.A Fisherman's Sunset

31.Country Road in South Africa III 32.A foggy morning

33.Mid-Balloon 34.Keizersgracht

35.Rose bud 36.Countryside

37.Stand & Fall 38.Lola

39. 40.spring farming

41.bridge 9 42.Shipping the World (267/365 09-24-09)

43.Global Oranging 44.just because...

45.Lightning over the Gulf 46.Silueta (para Anatxikia)

47.MP - 07 48.Through the lens

49.after the rain 50.Christie A.

51.Heavy Traffic 52.suramadu bridge

53.Moraine Lake 54.barn

55.Dreams of Summer 56.When Darkness Embraces

57.The Last Frontier ~ Explore 58.

59.Yuen Yuen Institute Altar 60. Albert Memorial 09052009  007 

61.Win a Goldfish! 62.London museum (1) - Photochallenge204 Historical 

63.Awe64.Pre-Idea (266/365 09-23-09) 

65.Let It Sprinkle - (33/100) 66. the sun 68.Pose!-0460

69.Have a Great Spider Friday 70.Ramzi's dining room - Modern Interior Design

71.Mirror mirror on the wall 72.Stars Over Door 

73.Smokey 74.Smoking

75.El burladero