ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-10-03]

41 picture and we have just started with the month of October

1.Routemaster 029 2.Toronto's Skyline at Night 4.dahlia

5.look up and wonder 6.Loneliness 1

7.peidras de colores 8.parma church

9.Promenade Sainte Catherine of my favorite shots of all time 11.Christie A. and blue

13. 14.take my pic

15.Lights in Alingsås | Autumn Trees HDR 16.Picture Perfect Dahlia

17.Daysleeper 18.Scissor Paper Rock

19.Vintage Star 20Shop Names

21.Puente en negro y blanco 22.London Sky (3)

23.Down Here... I am God. I am life, I am death. 24.Russ + Jägermeister = Russ in a Bag

25.Travelling home 26.Ready for bed

27.Glowing 28.BWTC sun

29.just a moment 30.Chardonnay - 63.3

31.the bridge 32.comfort inn

33.Greenwood Lake Airport Air Show 34.WaterDrops-2

35.Alfa Romeo 040 36."Sometimes, when I Look at the World... my Mind Shatters"

37.2 by the|G|â„¢, on Flickr" href="">lake #<a href=2" src="" width="180" height="240" /> 38.Garden Of The Gods

39.The Patriot 40.The Great Escape

41.Blue and Blinded

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-10-03]
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  • Carsten / topfloor

    Thanks for your work and the honor of mentioning 3 of my pictures in this selection :-)
    Happy shooting, Carsten / topfloor

  • Denim Leggings

    There are so many great photo here that I couldn’t decide where put my vote. Finally I decided to vote on No. 31

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