ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-10-11]

You guys were on steroid this week or something?? 89 pictures for this round WOW!

1. 2.Pedestrians

3.too hip 4.'57 Fin Land fallin' 6.Linn

7.Para Bien o para Mal 8.Stars and Sky


11.Purple leaves 2 12.Things to do TODAY:

13.maple leaves 14.2009-10-01_Canon EOS 5D Mark II_100-4717

15.Downtown Yuma Bokeh 16.Vickery-220

17.Graves' Awakening 18.

19.Nice day for sailing 20.footsteps

21.Leaf 22.fallen leaf

23.Hickory Ridge Pond 24.278/365 2009. Rain Drop Reflectance.

25.Stonehenge Panoramic 26.Ultimos retoques

27.Pierre Loti Blue Hour 28Summer, Don't go

29.pair _of_pears 30.Sur la croix...

31.The Beautiful People 32.Yeah

33.downtown_santa_fe 34.City Hall at Nuit Blanche

35.Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel 36.Curiosity killed the cat (07-10-09)

37.Fortune 38._MG_6154-2wtmk

39.Santorini Sunset - Greece 40.Renklerin Rüyası

41.Bird Flying over head 42.cart

43.Hard to unlock love 44.Texas Star 2009

45.Small Dinner 46.Sydney Opera House

47.peak 48.Like one last cigarette (08-10-09)

49.Office Lights 50.Carousel

51.venice piazza san marco restaurant 52.Messy Desk

53.Coffee !! 54.The Bokeh Fairy

55.vsisko, czech republic 56.simple..

57.You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow 58.Seasons

59.sweat dreams... 60.Martin

61.Tomatoes 62.Summer days have gone too fast

63.¡Corre! 64.

65.Once, but never again 66.his looks are asking thousand questions !!!

67.Model: Jinana 007 68.Andres

69.The stairs up to the terrace 70.Deer classes with...james dean! 72.Happy with you!

73.Aces 305/365 74.Eryn & Brian's Wedding - Bonney Lake, Washington

75.Don't Look Down 76.Zweitwohnsitz

77.she 78.This is the end or it's just the beginning?

79.279/365 2009. Too Soon? 80.Self induced rejection (06-10-09)

81.The Beat 82.Vacant Seat

83.RSF A Taste of Spain 007 84.graph this equation for extra credit

85.Day 281 of 365 86.windsor castle (22) 4 of 365 88.yummy

89.165 copy


  • TheNewMrsC

    I was so pleased to see my photo included! I read your blog regularly, and what a surprise to see my pic. Thanks so much. There were indeed many wonderful photos to vote on, hard to pick just one. ( I didn’t vote for mine 🙂