ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-10-18]

39 pictures for this round but all are just GREAT !


1.A Watchful Eye.. 2.1 (Fractalius Version) by smotron, on Flickr" href="">Mmmmm...Runts #<a href=1 (Fractalius Version)" src="" width="240" height="160" />

3.Autumnal Simplicity (283/365 10-10-09) 4.Sunday morning on the Grand River

5.Old and new 6.Francesca - almost 3-year old

7.No sitting here today 8.Untitled 3 (Streeterville)

9.Engagement :: Cassie & Jimmy 10.phi phi Island

11.wish list 12.Luminance

13.Katydid Nymph 14.The King

15.florence santa maria novella  16.Do re mi

17.white dots 18.Boynton Beach, NJ HDR

19.Somebody Take The Pain Away 20.Lonely

21.Wisconsin 22.Avenue Peyramale

23.Compelled to Move (289/365 10-16-09) 24.Calm sunset

25.of we Paris 26.fall 08 memory

27.(17-10-09) 28.Studebaker

29.The Caretaker 30.Nothing But Time favorite time of year. 32.leo

33. 34.Yellow Rail

35.Chateau (63) 36.creperie and pizzeria

37.Expedition 38.

39.classical combo

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-10-18]
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  • San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

    Number 18 is super cool and just takes the cake!

  • San Luis Obispo Photographers

    Number 38 is amazing in terms of the subject, lighting, mood and post production. I am official jealous

  • San Luis Obispo Photographers

    The myster attainded in #32 is really great!

  • San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

    I get excited every time I look at these photographs and am inspired to try to do more with my own wedding photography