ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-11-01]

And so we start the first round of the month of November with 65 pictures.


1.No.13 /365 days of colour "The Perfect Fall tree" 2.Vineyard Wedding 2

3.Sole 4.East Park | Autumn 2009 | HDR

5.resting stranger 6.bench

7.Lame D700 21 of 365

9.The door to the Past ! 10.Frecce tricolore

11.Music is the Key 12.Sunset Pool

13.DSCF0491 14.NF

15.Watercolor 16.Quebec

17.Bright lights pink car - HBW! 18.Perrier Jouet 116

19.Marina montañera 20.Never Ending Dunes

21.Guest Chairs (302/365 10-29-09) 22.Lightpatterned Track

23.automa in the space 24.view back

25.Reflections in Big Bend 26.your portrait

27.The careful spectator 28.Zen

29.Paths 30.Stonehenge-7

31. 32.

33.Feed The Meter 34.Do you know where you are going?

35.Frecce tricolore 36.RURAL NIGHTMARE!

37.Vieux marché 38.Pumpkin

39. 40.Autumn's Last Gasp

41.Finito la commedia 42.Oldies 43.Sunset at Rick's Boatyard 44.20091029-_DSC0394

45.Ephemeral 46.Solitude

47.north weald abandoned redoubt 48.Yvette

49.National Maritime Museum 50.The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure. Richard Bach

51.A great day for a stroll 52.enjoying the bridge

53.Santorini ~ Greece 54.Apocalisse - Apocalypse

55.Autumn flowers No1 56.Home Colors (3)

57.DSCF0597 58.Fall

59.Gone with the wind 60.Autumn Zen (303/365 10-30-09)

61.Atardecer-en-Zolina 62._MG_6541_2_3-2wtmk

63.Hermosa Morning 64.Tapping the head

65.Wanna play with me??