ADIDAP Flickr Round: April 2010

Week 1:

Carnaval de Paris 2009

Week 2:

Bahamian Seasoned

Week 3:

Natural History Museum 020

Week 4:

Natural History Museum 005

ADIDAP Flickr Round: April 2010
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  • Wonderwall

    Such a nice images…

  • clipping path india

    I think this is the best photography i have ver seen. Very good images.

  • San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

    I love week 4, the arches are spectacular and lovely.

  • canvas paintings

    Awesome pictures well capture, love week 3, thanks for sharing

  • Denim Leggings

    These are great pictures. I like the most the fourth one. So disturbing, mystic and magical.

  • zoom pens

    Some good exercises I have found were to talk excessively that will turn the fat tissues in your face into muscle thereby thinning your face.

  • Jason Grubb

    Great images, I love how photography can capture a moment!

  • internships abroad in ireland

    Photography school is a very good idea if you choose to do photography. As for how much money you can make, that varies alot. Sure, if you get a job shooting for NatGeo you’ll make quite a bit, but how many people can they hire? There are many good photographers, and many bad ones, all of them need work.

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