ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-11-08]

Warm greetings on this holiday season, hope it brought you blessings, good times and good scenery to shoot 😉

We are still catching up on the flickr rounds with 57 pictures from the second week of November 2009.


1. 2.half dome ignition

3.stunning sunrise 4.tree

5. Fish trap sunset 6.Autumn, Panola Mountain

7. Lady Bug 8.Jami and mario-1

9. "Splinter Cells".. 10. 11.bit of fall12.Riesenkröte

13.It always seems impossible until it's done 14.Another fall photo

15.sofa and map 16.Sycamore On the New River

17. American Fisherman 18.Alto de Sorogain II

19.In Chase of Beauty 20.Oil & Vinegar-1

21.Copper tracks 22.No past land

23. Autumn Morning at Valley View 24.HORNSHOLE POOL,west.

25.My Maple Tree 26.bonfire

27.In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir 28.Goofberry's

29.Pa Don's 30. Looks can fool you

31. Holocaust Denkmal, Berlín 32.around london (14) 33." Paranaue " HDR 34. Deep into the sky: silver

35. Half a cup of tea?36.quad 37.Contrast 38.Old City, Cannes

39.atardece en la ciudad 40.fall on chair

41.yellow leaves on the Silver Comet Trail 42.IMG_5652 43.ignite44.Half Moon Over The Gorge

45.head in the clouds 46.

47.Sunset at Sierra National Forest 48.Waiting for the good times !!

49.taetByEm 50.Awww Nuts!

51.Left Handed 52.Droplets

53.Beautiful Girona 54.Fall Fire

55.Lighthouse 56.Salk Institute in La Jolla