ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-11-15]

November seems to be quite an inspirational month for everyone. 50 stunning pictures for this flickr round .

1.I've just arrived from Berlin, it's like witnessing an enormous fair 2.Detail from inside of Fener Rum Patriarchate

3.The 10th Rule Of Light Club is... 4.Turmoil

5.Pink Vandalism... 6.@Batimat Paris 2009: black stone

7.IMG_5680 8.

9.In the water 10.There's Really No Way To Reach Me Because I'm Already Gone.

11.Unplugged 12.

13.Landscape 14.IMG5

15.Reflection 16.stairs

17.street kid 18.Spread your wings...

19.Old City, Cannes 20.Collision

21.Remembrance Day 22.Towed Away (313/365 11-09-09)

23.Angel 24.Getting a Fresh Start de pescadores 26.Siblings

27.My Favorite Place 28.Malibu Sunset and white 30.I want to grow up

31.Autumn flowers No2 32.under

33.Naturgewalten II 34.Slussen tutti frutti

35.Sunset on the Cabin 36.Painter's Corner

37.Searching for Rest...for Body and Mind... 38."The Glory of Autumn"

39.Salk Institute in La Jolla 40.

41.Autumn flowers No3 42._MG_6039-2wtmk

43.Vimy Ridge 028 44.The Old Lady Sailing

45.Vimy Ridge 015 46.CocaCola is the real one !!!

47.Come in please! 48.The Passenger (50) 50.stop fidgeting and enjoy the scenery

51.suramadu 52.Dude, what are you looking?

53.Iron road 54.golden bay   malta