ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-11-22]

60 nice pictures for this flickr round of November. It is always getting harder and harder to vote for one single image. 42 of 365 2.Lighters

3.f-CGD. 4.#338 - Oestrogen (-27/365)

5.Big city lights 6.A Little Sad

7.Hiding 8.City Methodist Church, Gary Indiana [fireplace]

9.Jugar con Chillida 10.E in B/W

11.Hey! Boys 12.Shoot To Thrill

13.In The Bar 14.El peine de las olas

15...waiting for Santa 16.165697530310 18.narrow view

19.Buy you a Diamond ring @ Tiffany's New York 20.autumn IV

21.Way back into love... 22.Sometimes it is just easier to hang on that it is to let go...

23.Paris Photo 2009 24.street lamps are the insomniacs night light..

25. 26.Concept

27.Leuca 28.Lines

29.Alumni Night 2009 041 30.Thirds

31.fallen speechless 32.Fall Days

33.Jewish Window 34.Circles here, circles there

35.The Perfect Morning 36.Charlie and Henry

37.Holiday Stars 38.window in the sky

39.Petits orteils 40.Sanctuary

41.Xperience the XPERIA !!! 42.Elizabeth Taylor

43.Sunsetkeh 44.Trophy

45.Not a Crabby Old Woman !! 46.

47.DSC01959 48.106/365

49.Razor sharp 50.Painted glass II

51.Old house HDR 52.someone following me....

53.Day 323 of 365 54.29_29A

55.Otoño en la Vuelta del Castillo 56.the bench

57... sweet dreams.. 58.Old door

59.Key to Life 60.A Peaceful Morning Stroll....