ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-11-29]

77 pictures for the last week of the 11th month in 2009. I am kinda enjoying the numerology here as much as i am enjoying the round 🙂

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1.Night Traffic 2.self portrait LR fun 2

3.Love Padlocks4. Upheaval in the sky!

5.The Kiss 6. Space you own.

7.8.Chained Clock

9.Ferris Wheel 10.Dirty Reindeer will do the Whipping

11.When Life Gives You Lemons Use Them For Flickr Pictures 12. DSC_2135

13.Flying candles 14. the pull

15.I think... 16.The Light And Its Windows

17.Reflection of Jagir Bridge 18.Hanging On To Fall

19.block of light 20.20091123-_DSC1438

21.4/365 22.purple

23.gratitude 24.El futuro por delante

25. 26.Candado. Badalona

27.Dellwood Country Club,New City,NY 28.After the fall 356/365

29.Having a Burger 30. Sunny visions

31.Resistance is futile. 32. untitled

33. Menza34.Winter Chill

35.60% of the time, I pity the fool, everytime!!! 36. Barra Douro III

37.La velocidad de la luz 38. Nach dem Abpfiff

39.Force Upon...40.Foggy Lake

41.White Room 42.Amanece en Arazuri

43. Random chairs 44.rotunda.

45.leaving office 46.OOF

47.Golden Moment 48.Even evergreens need their own cup of coffee!- 27/365

49.It's beginning to look... 50.Canon *Film*

51."The Boy Who Looked into My Soul" 52.New Norman Pack and Lights-7

53.Grandfather Spider Exits the Whale House 54.Vimy Ridge 080

55.somewhere on the trail... 56.Caught in the light

57.Seen so often... 58.New Norman Pack and Lights-6

59.Interior del Templo San Tarcisio 60.Strom - Linien - Formen

61."A Day of Red"62.Maxinne


65.Hallway 66.downtown crossing star

67.english for today 68.112/365

69.Vimy Ridge 072 70.Waiting for Batman: BWTC

71.Thanksgiving 2009-3 72.Colin & Anne's Wedding 007

73.A Bahraini pattern 2 74. Schneeballschlacht

75.Kure Mountains - Senpazar Town 4 76.Harley 001

77.Dubai Metro Jellyfish