ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-12-06]

The very first Christmas pictures are starting to show up into the Flickr Rounds.
69 great photos for the first round of December and the last month of 2009, we are really catching up with those rounds after all !

1.snowbaby 2.Butterfly Fish

3.Camp Cronin | Point Judith, RI | HDR 4.Cup full of costa love ;)

5.City Methodist Church, Gary Indiana 6.imagination

7.Homeless.... 8.Kure Mountains - III

9. 10.Silent Night

11.Autumn 2009 12.Catholic chapel of the palace

13.Ringo 14.Wedding :: Aubrey & Roy

15.The Moon 16.C o n c o c t i o n

17.Green Valley 18.Hotel da Ville 130

19.{ Sanctuary } City Methodist Church, Gary Indiana 20.cofee stain

21.ultracolor 2 22.Kure Mountains 7

23.The Vatican Staircase 24.Abstracción en verde

25.Champagne 2009 162 26.y o u r   e x i s t e n c e

27.Tree of Smoke (Reading Books series) 28.Baltimore

29.Nasatweetup STS-129 photos 30.Old International

31.mystical shore - color 32.hopscotch

33.4 September 2009 34.3/25

35.Shine 36.toward the light

37.On this side of town it touches, everything. 38.St Georges and Sweets

39.b r a n d n e w d a y 40.fading

41.MacBook Pro Keyboard 42.The Eye (11/52)

43.IMG_4340 50D 12052009 44.Christmas Lights

45.Christmas Bells 46.18/30 || This is the calming before the storm

47. 48.Hanalei Valley, Kauai

49.Rio 50.Nutcracker

51.Trash in the wind 52.There's A Light.

53.DPSSHOES by kristinsson, on Flickr">A happy family #<a href=DPSSHOES" /> 54.Take a rest

55.Ghost Rider.... 56.most artistic superlative

57.The White Tower 58.Old Town

59.Let's go for a drive.... 60.Untitled

61.Stag 62.nightLights lightNights

63.reflection in a cup of coffee 64.Abstracción en rojo, azul y blanco

65.#347 - Preppy saturday night(-18/365) 66.Red flower with candle light

67.Central Park III - warm lights 68.A Very Disco Christmas!


ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-12-06]
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  • Austin Parkar

    All are best pic. Its very beautiful photographs. I Love the 39 no.

    Photography Lover
    Austin Parkar
    Natural Healing Treatments

  • Kristjan

    It feels very nice to have my picture featured together with all these absolutely beautiful photos. My very humble thanks.

  • zohaib

    it feels great to have two of my pictures amongst these great pics :)

  • Steve

    Beautiful pictures. I would have to say no.3 is my favorite.

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