ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-01-03]

53 great pictures for the last round in 2009.
With 2009 rounds over, I hope that doing more great photography is on everyone’s resolutions for 2010. This will only make those flickr rounds more exciting !

1. 2.Coffee, Sunday NYT & BB

3. 4.double of william

5.Inside Calypso 6.Trün Shooting

7.Splash Crown 8.Happy Hour

9.Snookered 10.Steal Compass - Drive North - Disappear

11.Celebration 3 12.Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

13.Fall Season 14.

15.patio seating 16.On fire - hot!

17.Evening walk18.Incongrous Tools (364/365 12-30-2009)

19.movement 20.Broken Pacifier

21...With Flying Colours.. 22.florida st petersburg sunset

23.Lunch Time ! 24.Phillosophical Frog

25.Egg Smoking Cigarette. 26.Looking South to Bachelor

27.Sweet Tooth 28.bon voyage

29.Somebody Found, Somebody Lost30.Alex

31.Eye See 32.More Frozen Swans

33.Sunset@Perlis | HDR 34.***

35.Alf 0031 - 0223 36.young Santa

37.Lake Red Rock 38.End of the Tunnel

39.Happy New Year!40.s n a p s h o t

41.Burney Falls 42.gears in color

43.alone 44.Hypnotizing your senses

45.Trün Shooting 46.Be water, my friend...

47.incensed 48.Christmas Glitter

49.Pisa 50.Ripped

51.Frente a frente 52.I see myself...

53.T - South Station (HDR) - (42/100)