ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-01-10]

61 pictures for this perfectly binary round on 10-01-10 🙂 .
It seems the artistic level has gone sky high with many submissions already explored on flickr. Enjoy the round and vote for your favorites.

1.Bliss 2.Shape Of Love

3.Bonding 4.Ice in the Sun

5. 6.Golden shoes

7.Photobooks 8.the real san diego int'l auto show 2010

9.Tree Topper10.Afrocatalans

11.That's Life! 12.Happy Name Day To Me!

13.Fly Sky High 14.

15.they 16.Lea(f)ve me alone...

17.Long distance to go... 18.

19. 20.A closer look, La Jolla

21.Still Sleeping 22.Old rusty

23.Curved 24.In Plane Sight

25. 26.Day 5

27.Enjoy... 28.365, Day Seven - Soundgarden Reunion, YEAH!

29.i'm learning 30.few of my favorite things

31.Walk in these shoes- 51/365 32.Finding the highlights...

33.London Zoo 34.5 Environments

35.darts 36.Canon TX

37.Rucolasprossen 38.NYC Photowalk: Brooklyn Bridge Bokeh

39.Violin Head 40.One Green Marble

41.Nostalgia 42.Inspired (Explored)

43.365 Day Nine 44.Kids and Toys...

45.mission valley 46.nine.

47.10 01 10 recycling light 48.Lake Britton @ First Light

49.Into the light 50.Geared Up - (44/100)

51.Light After Light 52.Just Hangin'

53.quiet 54.A Caffeinated Reflection of Ceiling Tiles (006/365 01-06-2010)

55.Proposal at Plantation Bay 56.Among the ruins

57.Superb Starling 58.Devotion

59.(7/365) Homemade Soap 60.Al-Fateh Mosque

61.smiling cork