ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-01-17]

50 great pictures for this round in Mid-January

1. Rays 2.Day 9

3. 4.Hug chair 6.On the Edge

7.I felt like lying down 8.Black Chess Queen

9.Vase a tick

11.Seamless... 12.Inside The House

13. 14.Mom's Teacup

15.Black16.Lomo Fisheye

17.The Illusionist18.Cramond causeway in the mist

19.IMG_4694 20.

21.[feathers]22.LaFille pas habillée / Couleur

23.Mighty Mouse24.5

25.Monterey sunset326.5/365

27.Under London Bridge is London Bridge28.Canon *Film* Pt. 2

29.13/365: Sunrise II

31.Numbers Game 32.Bajo sombra

33.14:36534.Stairway to the top

35.Your Shining Darkness 36.A Dream.

37.014/365 38.Gardel en el graffitti

39.Central Station 40.Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral

41.Hey, Jude! 42.Let's Celebrate!

43.Silence [PF - Minimalism] 44.162/365

45.Pearls Before Swine, But Not Women 46.calmness at the lake

47.elevator track 48.I Pledge My Allegiance

49.I've got my eye on you 50.(14/365) Lost my Marbles

  • Great pictures. I voted from alone man standing on the edge of the cliff.

  • I am voting for 34 because beautifying derelict figures is something beauty schools have been assumed to do. Plus, the symmetry of the image is really amazing to look at. The colors say a lot, too. Which is saying a lot.

    –Esani of Esani Beauty School Atlanta
    3348 Peachtree Road Northeast
    Atlanta, GA 30326, United States
    (404) 952-2244
    Google listing should just be googled.