ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-01-24]

60 inspiring pictures for this Flickr round. Don’t forget to vote up your favorite

1.Catching the light 2.Lake Britton @ First light 2

3.reaching out 4.17/365 17th January 2010 - You may telephone from here

5.Stoneage 6.(17/365) Favorite Past Time

7.Axe Effect 8.Church Candle and Lights

9.This Time In B&W 10.

11.westminster  003 12.hungry

13.1/365 14.z., czech republic

15.Santorini at Dusk 16.Colour of Money

17.New Ride 18.365, Day 20 - Bloggin'

19.Foggy Morning 20.BWTC reflected sunset

21.Toledo Scale 22.Anayah

23.Turkish market 24.Moonee Beach Surfers ~ Australia

25.Oliver 26.trainman

27.260. 28.fuel of creativity

29.C.S.I :: Amman30.Eye Line

31.Staring at the sun angels bricks downtown

33.Ruby in Sepia34.Traveller

35.365, Day 23 - Ambidextrous36.Jade

37.OneWorld 38.Pine Tree Bokeh

39.controllers 40.Sacre Coeur

41. 42.Falls in love the moon.

43.Intangible Bokeh 44.A man is not paid for having a head and hands, but for using them.

45.Glass Bow 46.365 Day Nineteen:  Cool Under Pressure

47.Low-Key Curves & Edges 48.The Cathedral Of The Light

49.Peabody Essex Musuem 50.One for you, Two for me

51.Empire Building 52.Muharraq's Narrow Alleys

53.Glass Cone 54.22/365

55.Thompson Park Photowalk56._DSC1775_090529PMHDRTopAdjDXOF_11x14

57.Angustia58.Subway Reflection

59.Orchids Like Moths 60.(22/365) Color Splash