Feeling Negative ?

The rise of digital photography helped get a lot of people involved with photography, and now those people are looking for the next level Film (yeah, film).

I want to introduce you to Feeling Negative blog, a blog by my buddy Brian Auer, author of the famous Epic Edits photography blog.

Feeling negative is home base for the new-age film photographer, they are there to help you explore this amazing medium. You will find interesting discussions on things like old cameras and lenses, various films (expired and current), DIY equipment, darkroom stuff, and (grudgingly) computer stuff relevant to film photographers. They give back to the film photography community by featuring photos, articles, and equipments.

The site is organized into five main sections:
Camera Bag, Darkroom, Digital Darkside, Community and Other Stuff. For the beginners, they are covering the basics of shooting, developing, printing, scanning, etc. For the ol’ timers, they are digging into alternative techniques, various pieces of equipment and film stocks, DIY stuff, and new ways of working with an old process.

This is definitely a very interesting blog that you don’t want to miss, Hope you will have as much fun as i did browsing through the different sections on FeelingNegative.com

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