15 great examples of underwater photography

With all the tsunami talk going on lately, everyone seems to start hating the sea.
This post is a small reminder of how amazing the underwater is and how much we should love it and preserve it.
It is also dedicated to all the diving photographers out there , thanks for sharing this amazing world through your lenses and hats off for all the hard work it takes to take good pictures in such a challenging environment

By jekrub

By Konrad Kendrick

By Mike Johnston

By g-na

By flickkerphotos

By flickkerphotos

By Nemo’s great uncle

By Olivier Roux

By J. D. Ebberly

By Dude Crush

By Dude Crush

By flickkerphotos

By flickkerphotos

By flickkerphotos

By Kal.LKL

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    This is one of the most awesome sites I’ve ever seen. I can tell you dream about photography all day and so do I which is why our own site is so important to us. Our social network for photographers would love to have you on board, I will link to you in our photo training class online now.

    You guys are awesome!

  • http://www.jfburke.com Jerry Burke

    Dear Dreamer,

    I’m honored to find my image included in your gallery of fine photos. Keep it up.

    Jerry Burke
    La Selva Beach, CA

  • SashKat

    Simply amazing images! I love underwater photography, especially the jelly fish ones.

  • http://www.clippingimages.com/ clippingimages

    Wow!!!! great underwater photography:) like it…

  • http://www.canvasmemories.ca/ Photo Posters

    Underwater photography is very challenging and complex, the images posted are absolutely stunning work ! Hats off to all these brilliant photographers !