Photographer of the week : Marilyn Bouchard

Marilyn Bouchard is one of the most unique photographers that I ever had the chance to feature on adidap.
She is a conceptual photographer with a brilliant mind, she makes you stop and think on each photo in her stream.
I will leave you with only 10 pictures of her selection . Her photo stream is a great source for inspiration, don’t forget to visit or join her facebook fan page to stay updated on her work

  • Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing her work. I’ll definitely check out her photo stream.

  • Impressive pictures, the editing is amazing

  • esseme

    great work indeed.
    thanks for sharing.

  • Impressive pictures:) editing also it………

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  • Wilsokay

    Very interesting and clever work. I love how the subject is integrated into an elemental environment. I also appreciate the unique use of lighting and the muted color scheme. I think it gives the photos a sort of “whimsical” feel. I also enjoy how the subject seems to be offset from the center. Very powerful positioning.

  • Igor

    Dear Marilyn Bouchard,

    I am Igor Bulanov I am fan musician from Moscow, Russia.
    I am looking for you , because would like to use some of your photos in my musical disc pack. Please let me know how can I find you to discuss this point.
    Cheers, Igor.

  • Very good photography and good editing also.

  • Amazing photographs.

  • Impressive Photography. And The good editing Images.