ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-02-21]

50 beautiful pictures for today’s round . I am excited to see the winner in this one, don’t forget to vote for your favorite if you manage to choose one and leave a comment to elaborate on your choice

1.Autumn Pathway 2.lay back, have a beer, get chilled

3.IMG_00144.Calamity's daughter

5.(046/365) U.S. Army Coin 6.

7.Soft Rose 8.Foot

9.Wireless Keyboard10.It's enough with winter :-)

11.Strings 12.Enchanted Forest

13.:: all that sparkles ::14.Harley's Circle

15.get into my head16.tape

17.Airborne18.Coming up the Chicago River from Lake Michigan

19.Tabletop Bokeh20.

21.Don't You Think Someone Should Take You Home?22.(48/365) Floral Bells


25......................................................26.Leave the World Behind

27.afternoon28.I love this tree in hometown

29.IMG_354830.pelayo diaz

31.Fog on the Lough : Decay32.Wanna travel

33.Bauchklang live 34.What Would I Want? Sky

35.Day 5036.Mad Man

37.Trigonometría 38.Double Breasted

39.1967 Shelby GT 500  2/21/10 40.Castlefield


43.Lonely boat - Reinhard05 HDR44.Dreamcat

45.Wires46.Take a Seat

47.That'll Do Donkey, That'll Do 51/365 48.BWTC cloud cover

49.Puzzling Perspective 50.Más Mondrian

  • I just voted, i get the feeling there are some pics that really stand out from the rest.

  • got it.i have just voted 34 no.others also gorgeous:)

  • I love image 33, brilliant job and leaves a lot to the imagination