ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-02-28]

59 great pics for the last month of February.
1.vintage laptop 2.l -_ L _ -

3.threat 4.Green Burst

5.88 of 365 Forget this DEC7 6.YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH

7.Vagues de neige 8.Architectural Artifacts :: Photos

9.Dos en rayas. Two on stripes 10.53:365

11.Fog on the Lough12.Ville Savoye

13.Gucci Bag 14.Greenwich Mean Time

15.confidence16.Liquid Candy

17.365, Day 55 - Big Rock Cat18.Hey! I pay taxes!

19.Ferris (Wheel) 20.(55/365) Inspiration

21.Cards & Quarters 22.LOOK RIGHT

23. 24.One AT&T Plaza

25.push to open 26.Shadows-of-the-Heart

27.(56/365) Fading Star 28.

29.(055/365) Gerber Daisy Macro [Explored] 30.Rich blossom

31.Lines 32.Love that belly!

33.Q & A 34.ode to bresson (sans les enfants)

35.Architectural Artifacts :: Springs 36.DSC_0586

37.Rushing in 38.Resident Evil

39.Meet my neighbour, Ayuni40.(57/365) Love Knot

41.Project 365: #49 42.Stern look

43.208/365 44.ACCA

45.Good Lord! 46.IMG_0171

47.Practice Makes Perfect 48.spiral

49.self .. 50.Going Up

51.DSC01535 52.Day 55

53.[NIN] Bokeh54.Street Walkers

55. 56.Central Park Walkway

57.365 Day Fifty-Seven 58.209/365

59.Wall of Photos