ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-03-14]

Creativity levels on our Flickr group are sky rocketing, 75 breath taking pictures for the second round of march !

1.A break in the rain 2.

3.Happy Bench Monday 4.

5.Sleepless in Rotterdam 6.shooting old school

7.B&W Dunes8.Sunlight

9.Lost in Stereo 10.

11.Urunga NSW Sunset 23.01.201012.LOYAL WITH FAUNA

13.Craftsman's Hand 14.What am I?

15.Morning blur16.The 'jects

17.ojalá 18.S-21

19.Flutterby 20.Power Wave <<<<<<<

21.The River Wey - HDR 3 22.Power

23.wonderful24.young and old thorns

25.BWTC - HDR426.Bloom

27.219/36528.The Path to Tourmakeady

29.Show me30.Rushing water sunset

31.And They All Look Broken Hearted32.SCSF

33.70/365 2010 YIP "reflection"34.“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!" [Quote by John Fitzgerald Kennedy]

35.the simple things make me feel free.36.All right Mr. De Mille, Ginny's ready for her close-up

37.#39_Clerk's shy smile_Project B : 365 different people 38.Rose

39.homenaje a Piazzolla en su día 40.Beachy Head LightHouse

41.thorns for support42.i saw the world through your eyes...

43."A man taking basil from a woman will love her always." [Quote by Sir Thomas Moore]44.Amber Fort- Colors Will Spin

45.Black Hole Day 58:36546.three in a row

47.*** 48.Mr C

49.!@@50.71/365 Corked

51. 52.Fire!

53.Gherkin (From St.Helens Place)54.Spring....MELT MELT MELT!

55.passi p. 02356.Proconsul heseloni bike and brick wall58.step up

59.clown kooky...60.Dear Repeating Patterns 69/365

61.69/365 2010 YIP "Out of the blue"62._MG_3198edit


65.66.Neo Stance

67.365/2/25 - Bad Day (explored #22)68.DianaF+ :: The Fair

69.221/36570.Kat guitar

71.Carmel and Kaelan72.Heavy Lifters

73.All Aglow 74.silhouette.

75.Smoke 60:365