ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-03-21]

36 great pictures for this march round. A lesser number of pictures doesn’t mean an easier choice ! Good luck voting up your favorite photographer.


3.365, Day 74 - The Fastest Way to Travel 4.crocus ttv

5.Rising to the Occasion 6.

7."Life must be understood backwards; but... it must be lived forward." [Quote by Soren Kierkegaard] 8.sunflowers 1

9.284. 10.cone

11.larga espera...12.The Darkness Within

13.Moorehall 14.Light Abstractions

15.Dreaming (of me?)16.OneWorld

17.DREAM18.(076/365) Lucky 4 Leaf Clover


21.22.Beachy Head Cliffs

23.Abanicos24.evil side

25.Day Seventy Eight26.Cathedral Rocks Kiama Downs

27.Dance28.natural structure

29.Decaying Supports30.Fire Stairs

31.Soledad32.turning 9

33.Waiting For Spring34.Smoking Hot

35.florida de soto beach boardwalk36.Empire State Plaza - Albany - Wallace K. Harrison

  • nice selection:)

  • Hi adidap
    I have recently come across your work and liked it very much.

    I am interested in discussing with you the possibility of collaborating on image projects for moodboard.

    moodboard is a stock image library established in 2006 by the former CEO of Digital Vision, which sold to Getty Images in 2005.

    We work with a global network of photographers to produce aesthetically and commercially engaging images which we represent on our site and through our worldwide network of agents. Royalty payments are made on a monthly basis.

    You may have currently images available for representation which we would be very happy to review. If you sell your images through your own stock platform then there is the possibility of widening your network base through our global distribution of 160 affiliate companies.

    Rather than swamp you with detail now I wondered if you might let me know if in principle you would be interested in hearing more. Please contact either myself [email protected] or [email protected], creative director.

    For a Power Point presentation follow: Download Link: 20 days