Giveaway: Smugmug Pro Account

It has been quite a long time that i didn’t host any giveaways on adidap, so for the coming week, you will get the chance to win nothing less than a 1 year free Smugmug Pro account with a value of 150 usd.
Smugmug has been our generous prime sponsor for the 3rd year in a row, and we would like to thank them for supporting our photography community with their lovely giveaways.

What do I win

As already stated the giveaway is a one year free Smugmug Pro account, the benefits of having a Smugmug Pro are too many to list here but here are a few to get you started !

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Your own domain name
  • Ability to sell your pictures
  • And much more, read here for more info…

The rules
I will keep it very simple this time, here is what to do

  • Enroll in this giveaway by simply leaving a comment on this post, you can tell us a photography joke, share a link or anything on your mind.
  • Tweet about it and make sure to include the link and hashtag
  • I can’t monitor this one but I’ll surely appreciate if you can subscribe to the RSS feed

The Schedule
This giveaway will run for one full week, next Monday April 12 we will use our random number generating machine to choose the lucky winner.

  • Anish
  • alberto


  • I’ve got a SmugMug Pro account already, but winning one would pay for the renewal.

    As a photographer who is new to selling art, I find SmugMug very helpful. I just need to get my marketing and promotion strategies (as well as my web site) finalized so I can make my first sale.

  • A Joke huh? There were two photographers, a monkey, and a priest in a bar….

    I don’t have that kind of joke, but I will say that I too dream of photography all day.

  • Andrew

    Love your posts. I already follow your feed.

  • VJ

    I tried out the free trial of Smugmug and am happy that it has all the features I need for imaging and storage. It’s got great options like slideshow, layout, video, personal vault, photo tags, personalization,etc which is great for time saving, productivity and efficiency.

    I hope to win the Pro account to explore futher options like HD video, watermarking, password protection,etc.

    Followed & tweeted [at]superR8xx
    Subscribed to RSS feed.

  • I already use SmugMug to manage photos at work, I’d love to do the same for my personal and (hopefully soon to be) professional stuff. Thanks guys.

  • Paul

    What’s SmugMug?
    I’ll take anything that’s free!

    • I’m already getting the rss, so. ……

      I’ve been looking at getting a smugmug acct for a new business idea/venture, so this would be perfect.

    • πŸ™‚

  • I’m already getting the rss, so. ……
    I’ve been looking at getting a smugmug acct for a new business idea/venture, so this would be perfect.

  • Dan

    would love to give smugmug pro account a try

  • I am looking for someone to sponger the purchase of a new Canon 7D. Any takers? πŸ™‚

  • mrsammy7

    Love my fisheye…makes my mug smug!

  • Been drooling over Smug Mug for a while now, but expenditures (IE: Money) had to go elsewhere. Maybe a free account would help me get a leg up.

  • Scott

    I recently found your site. I really enjoy the content… keep up the great posts!

  • Smug Mug…
    Who is there?


  • Flat Stanley says hi.

  • Just added to google reader – always room to learn more and i’m looking forward to reading past & future articles πŸ™‚ – Thanks for the chance at a smugmug pro acct!

  • Nathan

    What did the lens say to the sunlight…I “shutter” when I think of you…haha get it!?!?! maybe not

  • Travis Putman

    Smug me baby…

  • SMUG me! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, great giveaway. Smugmug delivers a great service, those people know about photography and photographers’ needs.

    If you are capable of the german language you might want to visit

  • Jay

    My wife always wants to SmugMug after a good portait session.


  • I’ve been a fan for a while, coming out of hiding for this excellent giveaway!

  • Stasi

    I tweeted (@stasigh) and get the RSS on Google reader. Here’s my joke:

    “A photographer went to a dinner party where he showed some of his photographs. The lady of the house said, those are very nice pictures, you must have a great camera. He said nothing, but when leaving for home offered the following compliment to the lady of the house “The meal was very good, you must have great pots and pans.”

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  • kelly g

    I’ve been thinking about getting a smugMug account, but the cost is holding me back….I’d love to win one!!!

  • Mark Soderlund

    Giving away a Smugmug Pro account – very nice. I know I’m not anywhere near that caliber, but maybe winning it will inspire me to new heights.

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  • JackAZ

    Today! Today is really the day!

  • Cierra


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  • Jslagg

    People say photographs don't lie, mine do

  • Jslagg

    I asked my girlfriend the other day why she liked me and why she began dating me….She responded:

    1) I work well in the dark

    2) I make things develop Fast

    3) I can stay Focused with one hand & use my other hand for something else.

    4) I can make big things look small and small things look big.

    5 ) I zoom in and out. And in and out and in and out and in and out…

    • loool Jslagg – really cool jokes – but our contest is over – however stay tuned – we have couple of new interesting giveaways/competitions pretty soon