ADIDAP 2010 Calendar

I am excited to bring you the most beautiful pictures of Adidap flickr group submitted in 2009 as voted by you!

As you know I was supposed to built ADIDAP yearly calendar with them just like the year before however I had some time issues that could not be resolve. But on the postivie side I can promise you that 2011 calendar will be done no matter what.

For the newish adidap readers let me first explain about the calendar since I’ve had many comments/questions about the weekly and monthly rounds.

The basic idea is that pictures are submitted to the pool of our flickr group, i hand pick the best pictures for our weekly round competition… the winners of each weekly round participates in a monthly competition . The winner of the monthly competition are featured in adidap calendar

A last thing , I want to take this opportunity to thank you for submitting many great pictures and making the competition in our flickr rounds very heated and most enjoyable, preapring the weekly rounds is a pure feast to my eyes and now without any further delay, here are the best 12 pictures of 2009 – enjoy them

Burning the Words
Picture by wejoyce

i'll never let go, jack. i promise.
Picture by gunsotsu

Musée du Louvre 2
Picture by saqimtiaz

Your Touch Reminds Me Of Fall
Picture by k100dave

Natural History Museum 020
Picture by icemanuk

Shimmer Series
Picture by theshutterclick

Picture by rfdphoto

#251 - Lounge (-114/365)
Picture by shmileblik

Dancing in the moonlight
Picture by dylanramos

L´achat (La compra)
Picture by SANTI BAÑON

Picture by flixel

Model: Jinana 007
Picture by stefanmager

  • Outstanding!

    The photographs here are simply fantastic!

    I’m really looking forward to see how the best of 2010 turn out.

  • Fantastic!!!! nice idea.