Don’t stop shooting you will change with time

Each one of us tends to show only his best pictures and this is quite normal. However your best picture today might, and probably won’t, be your best picture of tomorrow.

I am amazed when I notice how much my taste and pictures have changed over time, I am not saying that I am good but I surely have improved. At least I am happy with my progress and this is very important.

For no specific reason I was looking at some older pictures and there are quite a few I was very proud of back then I wouldn’t even want to be associated with today.

I vividly remember how much I was discussed at my own work when looking at others’ pictures and all I wanted is quit photography. Today I still seek inspiration and still in owe in front of a lot of masterpieces I find out there however I feel much better about my own work.

This was mostly a rant dedicated to the new among you who are feeling today what I was feeling 4 or 5 years ago (this is when I started photography), a call to tell you do not stop shooting you will eventually find your style and feel better about your work and gain more confidence.

And, before I change my mind, here are 5 pictures I took back then, pictures I will surely not include in my portfolio today and won’t be ever showing you if I was writing these words today.

I guess I should make a part II of this post in 5 years 🙂 what do you think ?

resting pebbles

endless waiting


sunbath rock

resting pebbles

  • Well Antoine, I got your point in this topic and totally agree that time and experience make one’s work mature. But I see some of the above posted pics very nice. On the other hand this might also be proving your point, cuz I’ve been into photography for several months only :D. I enjoy reading your blogs and comments. keep up the good work.

  • Like jamil said , thanks for the wise words and encouragement. One of the best photography tutorials ever “don’t stop shooting” 🙂

    as for your photos, well i like the 1st , second and last 🙂 bit too much photoshop and HDRish , but still cool

  • Those are great photos, maybe a little too much photoshop!!! But 5 years ago we were all crazy for it.
    Super Shots, but the longer you are taking pics your style keeps changing, and I love to try new stuff whenever I will get the time again!

  • amazing landscapes.
    What you said is irrefutable 🙂 practice is the best teacher

  • Amazing landscapes:) try your best and can go far in future……

  • I totally agree with you, over time we get better and better. When I look back at work even a year ago I wonder how the images sold.

    Love number 3 by the way

  • I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very beautiful landscape pictures. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post…