ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-05-09]

46 great pictures for the second round of of May. Vote up your favorite pic and leave a comment on the reason behind your choice. I hope you enjoy this round as much as i do !

Saturday Links Fever [2010-05-29]

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Photographer of the Week : algo

Looking at algo's photostream, it simply took my breath away with the amazing light play, great composition and well captured unique beauty of landscapes. I loved the diversity in his pictures, and his tendency to use unusual point of view and leading lines. He is simply a photographer that you must check. I will leave you with a link to his ...

ADIDAP Flickr Round March 2011

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Is adidap RSS feed working for you ?

I have seen adidap RSS count falling by 1/2 in the last few weeks, it was up to 3.1k in the beginning of the month down to 1.8k yesterday. Last week I have received 2 emails reporting problems with adidap's rss feed and, although I have not experimented any issues myself, I had found that the recently implemented diqus plug-in was ...