Book Review : 10 ways to improve your Boudoir Photography NOW

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a subset of glamor photography and a type of portraiture that specializes in bringing out the hot and sexy in women and portrays them in truly breath taking sensual, flirtatious look and poses.

If you want to start boudoir just out of pure enthusiasm and interest or as part of your career in photography, Ed Verosky can help you just do that in his book “10 ways to improve your boudoir photography now”.

A lucky reader will win a free copy of the e-book, to enter the draw just leave a comment here with a valid email address.

I will not spoil the fun of reading the book for you, but I’ll only go through the main topics outlined in the 44 pages so you know what to expect when reading.

1 – Defining Boudoir and exploring its psychology

Ed starts off with a nice introduction to Boudoir , its benefit and challenges and discusses the psychology behind it : what are the fears of your clients or subjects and what are their motives and how to meet them.

2 – Preparing you subject for a successful photo shoot

After the important psychology intro, comes some nice practical tips on how to prepare yourself and your subject for successful photoshoot, the author even includes a checklist that he send for clients.

3 – Setting limits for best results

When preparations are done, Ed discusses how to set up limits for best results, he discusses how long a photoshoot can be, how many outfits to change and all those tips and tricks that are bound to happen during a photo shoot where time to change lingerie , time to fix makeup have to be taken into account without tiring the subject

4 – The 2 light setup that is fool proof

The juicy photography part is about how to use a two light setup that is foolproof, without going much into complicated setups the author shares his favorite setup that seems to always to always work.

5 – Poses, candid looks and example shots

In the book, you will find many images illustrating what the author is talking about , those images are specially useful when discussing best selling poses , five go to shots when everything else fails and how to get the candid look they love

6 – The retouching tools that always work

After the hopefully successful photo shoot comes some retouching tips that always work and how to reach an agreement with the client on how much retouching has to be done in the first place

the book is wrapped up with some posing examples to inspire you and spark your imagination. So get your cams ready and leave a comment to the post to enter a lucky draw to win the book

So you want a free copy of the book?

As I said earlier, Ed will give a free copy of his “10 ways to improve your boudoir photography now” ebook for one of ADIDAP readers. To enter the draw all you need to do is to comment on this post showing your interest in winning to book, a quick tip: for extra luck you can share with us your thoughts,experiences,images on boudoir. The lucky winner will get the ebook delivered to his inbox personally by Ed !

About the Author

Edward Verosky is a creative music, fashion, and editorial photographer. His distinctive photography is emotionally engaging, and often stylistically cinematic. He has a direct and goal-driven approach to projects, is easy to work with, and will sometimes write about himself in third-person. For more info and detail you can visit his website here

  • I’m learning about Boudoir, it is an interesting technique, it is more difficult than do composition for clothes or a different kind of clients. I hope to win the book and improve my self to start sharing that kind of photos.

  • Olivier

    Will I be the only one ? hope so 😉
    Boudoir photography i something I’d like to try (well Nude also).
    I am always amazed when I see some shots, I often ask to myself :
    – how did he set up the lights ?
    – how did he got this look from the model ?
    – This picture looks so intimate & is still soft and full of respect for the model..
    – Where should I focus ?
    – and so on..
    I think that this book has some answers for me,
    and there should be only one, and the one is me 😉

  • I’m currently a photography student and I have a particular interest for boudoir photography. I have yet to try it since I’m lacking the proper light setup (and also an available bed with silk sheets!). I would be extremely pleased to win the e-book as I do wish to experiment with this genre of photography one day!

  • This seems like it would be one of those awesomely bad books that I thumb through in Barnes & Noble and chuckle at the absurdity of it. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but we won’t know until the winner is announced. (Or I find it in B&N and get asked to leave for laughing so loudly while reading it.)

  • Though I am not serious in this type of photography, I would love to have this book 🙂

  • Staffan

    I would love to read this book.

    I´ve done some boudoir photography myself and I love it!

    Here are few examples:

  • Staffan
  • Looks like a must have for the collection!

  • I would think a lot of the improvements would fit well with glamor sots as well.

  • Conspiración Visual

    I’m a photography student, I love this world and all its manifestations.. and one of the styles that I want to try the most is boudoir photography… I love women and their lines, and the lingerie that became a form as well… And I will love to have this book for my educational purposes!! (besides, I will be receiving a visit of two gorgeous girlfriends, and I will love to have some basics to photograph them) Thank you beforehands. 😉

  • Gaby

    After going thru the main topics, testimonials, and website… I can’t but be excited to discover the details in this book.
    I’m hoping to get practical pointers, which will be an important help in my work.
    I would certainly love to acquire this e-book, thank you for this opportunity.

  • Makro

    I have come across this genre of photography and am really interested in learning more about it. I am nervous in jumping into this without the right sort of advice. In terms of what draws me to this style is the sense of femine grace and beauty and want to be able to portray this with my boudoir photography. I think this ebook will help me along this path.

  • Makro

    Also to add to the above post. I have this saying, “… all women are beautiful, some just dont know how… ” and this is the key to me wanting to get into this style of photography, to be able to portray the regular jane in the most sensous and classic manner possible.

  • Couldn’t wait so i bought the book.

    Got some great info, easy to read. Still would like to ‘win’ the book, but if I don’t its priced very reasonably enough that I got my money’s worth!

  • plain and simple: I want to read the book to take some naked pictures of my GF!! =)


  • Count me in…

  • Martin Widjaja

    i’m still learning how to direct the model…right now…my result is still flat…i fully expect…i can learn more from your ebook…that can explore my talent of photograph on indonesia…

  • Jack

    I only shoot boudoir photography for friends and all work is very private to them but I am always striving to improve my techniques and results. I am particularly interested in the lighting chapter and learning how I can make a two light set work, every time.

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  • Jessica

    I am a new and aspiring photographer and have recently done boudoir photos of a friend as well as of myself (that was a challenge.) Both turned out wonderfully and were a great challenge and experience and I have a desire to learn more about the techniques and what I need to do in order to have even better results. It was amazing what I learned just from studying photos and was able to apply to my sessions I did, I can only imagine what this book would do for my abilities! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Sounds great! thanks for the random pick! Fred

  • After seeing your work I can see where this can help the rest of us!

  • Gaby

    Congrats to Fred. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Jack

    Congratulations Fred!

  • Thanks. i didn't know about this site in photography. i am i will get a book in this topic? can you tell me the way?