HDR Photography [Poll]

I have been experimenting with some HDR photography and I have a question for all you HDR photographers out there

Do you like surreal HDR ?
Do you prefer more natural ones ?

I left a poll here for you to answer. It would be interesting to see the general trend about HDR . Also please feel free to post links to some of your HDR work in the comment for some extra inspiration for us all 🙂

  • Over I prefer more natural looking photographs.

    But it really depends on the subject and what the artist (photographer) is trying to achieve with their image.

    I think its a lot like whether an image should be colour or B&W. Personal preferences and likes.

    Would Ansel’s Dome ever look as good in colour or how about a straight conversion to B&W without filters and dogging and burning techniques.

    I bet there are some who prefer this image just as you see it and to them his version is unnatural.

    Niels Henriksen

  • Bummer there is no option to vote for “I don’t like HDR at all”

  • @ Neal Thorley

    Yet there’s a chance to explain why you dislike it, I would love to know why for example.

  • @Niels thank you for your input, you have surely been missed here !

    @Neal Thorley Please feel free to share your thoughts with us here in the comments. however, in my opinion, HDR done “naturally” will not look as HDR it is just a way to cut down on filter cost.

  • ‘natural’ HDR can be much closer to the what I see when I look at the world than normal photographs are, although I often desaturate to get effects that I like. Other than my first one or two goes I have tended not to saturate the scene more than the natural because it tends to look amateurish and ill-conceived to me.

  • JackAZ

    I would need a third option of “it depends on the subject” in order to vote. Since photography is art I believe an artist should apply his vision to his subject and every subject requires a different vision. I use both natural and surreal methods depending on what the photo is of and what I am trying to achieve with it. My surreal images have garnered more sales (and more client requests) than the natural ones, but that doesn’t mean I can just leave the natural hdr world behind. There is a time and place (and photograph) for just such processing.

  • @JackAZ if we add this 3rd option every one would go for it :o) I was more interested in which one you usually prefer

  • JackAZ

    @Antoine Khater Yeah, I know. But I can’t pick just one so I left my non-vote in the form of an opinion. At least I’m not voting for no opinion : )

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