ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-04-25]

47 really stunning pictures for this flickr round. Good luck voting up your favorite !

1.gas 2.Infinity

3.Pink is not just for Victoria's Secret...4.The Spin At Night

5.Sunday upmarket light 87:3656.Saved - but only just

7.Sea of Tulips8.Water Works Park 12

9.APRIL 19 10.233/365 butterfly

11.Makes a bridge over the sky12.Revival

13.Water Works Park 814.Earn your stripes

15.spring16.National Assembly for Wales 042

17.Aviator!18.Sunset Lifou Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

19.three posts20.View


23.113/365 Soggy Morning24.Train - Chicago!

25.Morning dew26.FrameRed

27.Heat of Night28.Tiny blue wonder*

29.just another day . . . 30.

31.Los Angeles Skyline32.Daisy (Bellis perennis)

33.Some tulips are here!34.Sign

35.Morning Dew36.Catherine Hill Bay Sunrise

37.Marsyas38.pontoon of symmetry

39.40.Common Housefly

41.National Assembly for Wales 04542.

43.line´d up44.260/365

45.Boyish46.These words will indeed comfort your heart!

47.Hot Dice

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-04-25]
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  • karen

    beautiful photographs :) how do I enter?

  • Antoine Khater

    Hi Karen! I’m glad you liked it,
    you can join our flickr group and submit your pictures there.

    Each week we will pick the ones we like the most and publish them here

  • Christian

    This is an awesome collection…

    Thanks for picking one of my pictures aswell :-)

  • Luismaxx

    Great selection lots of talent!
    I can’t believe I have four of mine there. Thank you for that.

  • Anthony

    How long does voting go for?

  • David Events

    They are all awesome! Looks like number 22 is the clear leader – it’s hard to believe it’s a photo! When does voting finish?

  • clippingimages

    great collection:)

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