ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-04-25]

47 really stunning pictures for this flickr round. Good luck voting up your favorite !

1.gas 2.Infinity

3.Pink is not just for Victoria's Secret...4.The Spin At Night

5.Sunday upmarket light 87:3656.Saved - but only just

7.Sea of Tulips8.Water Works Park 12

9.APRIL 19 10.233/365 butterfly

11.Makes a bridge over the sky12.Revival

13.Water Works Park 814.Earn your stripes

15.spring16.National Assembly for Wales 042

17.Aviator!18.Sunset Lifou Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

19.three posts20.View


23.113/365 Soggy Morning24.Train - Chicago!

25.Morning dew26.FrameRed

27.Heat of Night28.Tiny blue wonder*

29.just another day . . . 30.

31.Los Angeles Skyline32.Daisy (Bellis perennis)

33.Some tulips are here!34.Sign

35.Morning Dew36.Catherine Hill Bay Sunrise

37.Marsyas38.pontoon of symmetry

39.40.Common Housefly

41.National Assembly for Wales 04542.

43.line´d up44.260/365

45.Boyish46.These words will indeed comfort your heart!

47.Hot Dice