ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-05-02]

45 great pictures are competing for your vote in this flickr round. Choose wisely and drop a comment about your choice 🙂

1. Smoke! chairs

3.Chicago Skyline4.Money Trails


7.morning8.Early Web

9.10.Ébredés a híd alatt / awakening under the bridge

11.12.Fer forgé

13.sunny side up14.Tulips 16

15.Rocky Ridge16.St. Kilda Beach Mustang


19.Fear20.Day One Hundred Sixteen

21.Away we Go!22.funny Faces

23.118.365 Kiwi24.Free

25.afternoon26.Cardiff Castle 135

27.Shotglasses28.رحـمـك اللهـ يـا

29.Outdoor Seating30.

31.Subject to Change32.Stairwell at Belmead-on-the-james

33.Eye Reflection34.Tip

35.Cardiff Castle 07136.Doris

37.Empty Bed38.Going home

39.Don't drink your money40.Körsbärsblommor

41.You are only as old as you think !42.Path to The Old Land

43.Lift High Your Branches44.Merunisha Peel 6

45.Love, Lies and Videotape