ADIDAP Flickr Round April 2011

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  • Danilo Castro de Souza

    Dear photographer,

    Couple years ago I decided to take my hobbie more seriously. And after one year I have taken that decision I saw myself with an avarage DSLR, a proper camera bag, a set of 4 lens, several filters, flash and a tripod. But non of those things really did fulfil my will of become a bether photographer.
    I have been studing several technics and styles, carring my camera everywhere I go. From Weddings to a simple evening at the local cinema, from work to my adventure holidays to still not been realized as a photographer.
    The last material that I saw was a documentary of National Geographic about one of they photographer. A war photographer that call himself a peace photograher, capturing amaizing expresions from people eye, the mood of a batlefiled and so on.
    What I really want to say is that I am getting tired of just have good looking images. Normaly we already now the word that you are showing in the photos, and those photos are not telling me anything.
    I do want to keep receiving and have your work shared. That is a great source of inspiration, ideas, concepts and technics. But, should the photo say something? Sholdn't the photo tell me a story, actually an untold history behind all?
    That is my appeling. Maybe we should care a bit more about our contribuition to the others rather than fulfill our ego taking just pretty shots (and definitely they are beautiful).
    Plus, the image about marked as week4 for me is just a picture. Where is the photo? Are we photographers or 'photoshographers'? Do we share photography, the art of write with light whatever is around us or we are talking about digital composition?
    Now, I will take a quote of Albert Einstein and adapt to our field.
    He said:
    “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”.
    So now ask you. Wouldn't us be carring to much about the technic (Science) and forgetting about the goal of the photography?


    • Hi Danilo,
      First thank you for taking the time to write this comment.
      I already received comments about the selection of pictures in the flickr round and I already took the time to write a post about so you can read more here

      In short the images of the round are picked to my liking first but after that it is the readers votes that talk.

  • Josh

    Danilo – my sincerest apologies that your photo did not meet the viewers' exacting standards. Might have been a little story-heavy and aesthetic-lite.

  • Marcus

    Hi. Week 4 here. Ironically, the only thing I did in post production was to jack the exposure by a couple stops =). Also, I don't even own photoshop (did it in DPP). But thanks for the comments anyhow Danilo. I agree that one element of photography is storytelling, but I view it as a tool (one of many) to be used in the creation of a pleasing photo. Cheers!

  • As always, I voted for the colourful photo. Colours are just my thing, I prefer to see everything in bright colours, than in gray. The rest of photo's are also magnificent.

  • Brian Hudson

    My vote is for the week 1. The angle of the photo is very good. Most of the part of the breeze are visible in the images. Great photography. Good job done.
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  • really lovely. awesome. love the angle.

  • I love that last shot. They look like upside down Japanese umbrellas… totally sweet.