Book Review : Destination Photography Business – by Karma Hill

dest-photo Many of us dream not only about photography but also about a happy career doing what we love the most : shooting.

If you want to get started on photography as a career, entering the field using a traditional business model will make you face tough market competition.
If you are an already well established photographer in your field and you want to look for something that will help spice up your career, challenge your skills and expand your business

In both case scenarios , there is something i want you to read :

Destination Photography Business by Karma Hill

This book in 122 pages and 9 sections only will inspire and help you tap into a multi-million dollar business called : Destination photography.

You can view all the details about it on Destination Photography Business and purchase it

(E-Book Instant Download)

Here is our review for the book :

Section 1 : Introducing Destination photography : the definition and philosophy behind destination photography and what does it take to be a destination photographer

Section 2 : Must have equipment and bags of tricks : cameras, lenses, lighting equipement ,forms , paperwork, props, backups …

Section 3 : How to make a destination photography ready website : what are the crucial points that will make your website successful and how is it different from other websites , priceless tips on do and don’t

Section 4 : Setting up infrastructure : company structure , business license and other oh-so-dreadful business setup items and procedures

Section 5 : Client experience – how to create a perfect client experience – from booking to shooting, editing, post production , client proofing , image distribution , digital files, prints…

Section 6 : Pricing strategy and creating packages that sell : what pricing strategy to use and what are the packages that sell

Section 7 : Destination marketing and client service : how to unlock the power of online and local marketing and client relationship tips and pitfalls to avoid

Section 8 : Vendors / websites / resources : a lovely section with all you need to know from website design, hosting services , studio management software , editing software and even fav books recommendations

Section 9 : 5 steps to growing your business : how to grow your business and build an empire !

While reading this book, many ideas kept popping up in my mind , that means the book achieved its goal of motivating and inspiring photographers – I was truly inspired and impressed by the very solid and detailed advice that only experience can teach. I loved the openness of the author when it come to sharing the secret of his trade somehow.

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  • I’m entering a draw to win a free book “Destination Photography Business by Karma Hill ” on @adidap

  • I’m entering a draw to win a free book “Destination Photography Business by Karma Hill ” on @adidap

  • Many of us dream not only about photography but also about a happy career doing what we love the most : shooting.

  • Yes! Living from my hobby as a photographer would be nice!!

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Some thoughts on what Destination photography is all about would have helped.

  • MrLoftcraft

    I guess that photography can be treated as a business like any other, but you have to be an artist if you want to be successful in this line of work.

  • I recently watched a documentary about Annie Leibovitz and couldn’t help but think, “Wow. Now SHE is a photographer.

  • Thanks for suggesting the book. I am planning to get one ASAP.

  • Tammie

    I ourchased my camera for myself as a gift and started taking photos about 2 yrs ago. Just for fun. I took one photos class and really enjoyed it. I never thought about doing photgraphy as a job, I have been a nurse for 15 yrs, until this past Christmas. I took a couple of my photos to a store to be framed for Christmas gifts for my boyfriend and his daughter. My boyfriend has always been very supportive and encouraging about my photography. The shop asked me to bring in some more photos and he would display them and see if anyone purchased them. I said Ok and laugh. The day before Valentines the store called and said someone purchased my photo “the blue chair.” I couldn't believe it I was so excited. I called my boyfriend and he said “see I told you you were amazing.” The next night at dinner and after the concert my boyfriend gave me my Valentine gift….. He had purchased my first photo because he always wants to be my very first customer he said “because you never forget your first customer.” That was the greatest gift he ever gave me… the insipration to go after my dreams…. Now I have photos in several shops around town and I am taking 3 weeks off and traveling up north west to take photos and I can't think of a better vacation or life….. My boyfriend and I parted ways but he still emails me almost daily and sends me photos to look at and encourages me to cont. following my dreams…. His last email said “keep going and never forget how amazing you are…” If I can do it so can you….. To my first customer….Rick R. ” I love you for all your support for all your affection for sharing your children with me for loving mine and insipring me; our paths will cross again one day and we will be on this journey together. You make me amazing.”

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    There is a new photography which is being focused on good steps on Destination Photography Business…